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Specialized Pro Seamless Underwear SLV wht

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Specialized Pro Seamless Underwear SLV wht

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€ 44,90
artikelnummer: 644-5846

Beschikbaarheid: op voorraad

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In architecture, a building's integrity begins at the cornerstone, and in a way, a base layer works much in the same way for your ride. Whether you're layering for winter or keeping cool in the summer, moisture management plays a pivotal role in your maintaining a consistent, comfortable temperature. So regardless of if you prefer the natural hydrophobic & antimicrobial properties of Merino wool or the technical, hydrophobic tendencies of synthetics, we have the perfect base layer for every condition to keep you fresh, dry, and riding happy.

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€ 44,90

  • Seamless construction of a fabric of Dryarn in polyamide and polypropylene, which is light, moisture moving, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and completely recyclable.
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Artikelnummer 644-5846
Kleur Wit
EAN 1000000370089

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